Evelyn & Ford provide remote administrative and creative support to small businesses throughout the UK and worldwide.  
We are Virtual Executive & Creative Assistants with a wealth of experience and impressive careers that began on a trading floor at an Investment Bank.


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Are you tired of sending Zoom invitations? Are you falling behind on invoicing because there aren't enough hours in the day? We hear you. Evelyn & Ford provide executive assistance for businesses in need of administrative support so they can focus on what they do best.

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From writing to design. Creativity is crucial to success and it requires passion, commitment and a little magic. Let's find your creative voice, talk about your vision and bring this to life, together.


Getting married? Feeling overwhelmed with the planning and cost? Can't afford a wedding planner? E&F provide high level support to the Bride & Groom to help plan their perfect day without the headache.


We, Charlotte & Nicola, launched Evelyn & Ford in October 2019 following highly successful careers as Executive Assistants in the corporate world. We both met in 2015 whilst working on a demanding and pressurised trading floor at an American Investment Bank and we believed the future of administrative support will be outsourced. 


We are a dynamic duo who act as trusted confidants providing bespoke assistance, and pride ourselves on organisation to the highest standard. We go above and beyond in every job we do and our experience and proven expertise demonstrates that. Our ethos is to help small businesses and corporations with organisation, overwhelm and business growth.

We are highly personable. We have a sense of humour (we think!) and we love what we do.

If you need to reignite your business focus or are looking for assistance with organisation then please book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs today. 

Our clients pay for the support they need and nothing more. The variety of skills we can offer your business is outstandingly diverse and we offer great packages that save you money, and more importantly, time. By delegating the time consuming tasks, you will be able to rediscover your true business focus, invest time and energy into business growth and enjoy a better work/life balance. From diary management, website design and events, every service provided is carried out seamlessly with the same commitment and exclusive service that deliver exceptional results every time. 


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Our Clients 

We offer support to a range of clients in the health and wellbeing sector, financial services, technology and creative industries. We are lucky to be able to support such a wide range of industries. Everyones needs are different and no day is the same. 

If you are a small business and are in need of administrative support find out more about our services here.

To see what our current clients think of us and the support we provide, see below for our testimonials. 




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Co-Founder, Operations Director & Executive Assistant

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