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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

An important part of learning how to successfully delegate is identifying which of your tasks can be handed to other people.

Firstly, spend a few weeks recording the types of tasks you are repeatedly performing. It might include replying to emails, helping customers with problems, sending tweets, updating your business website and so on.

Then sit down and review what you did. You might be surprised by how much time these repetitive non value added tasks are taking from your day!  Now, highlight the tasks that can and must only be performed by you. Everything else on the list can be delegated.

You can delegate your way to success by outsourcing the repetitive and time consuming tasks that your business performs. Go through the list and give each item 2 ranks out of 10  — one for the task’s simplicity and one for its duration/repetitiveness. If the task is simple, rank it highly (10/10) and if it time consuming, rank it highly (10/10).

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Now, look for the items that have a high number for both simplicity and duration. They are the tasks that outsource very easily and will save your business a significant amount of time each day!

Some of the tasks which can usually be delegated easily include:

Time Management Tasks

  • Scheduling meetings and appointments

  • Managing your work diary / personal diary / to do list

  • Managing emails

  • Answering the phone

  • Entering data

  • Secretarial services

  • dealing with suppliers

Business Finance Support

  • Expense management

  • Book keeping

  • Invoicing clients

Marketing Support

  • Performing market research

  • Creating content

  • Email marketing

  • Social media management

  • Website management

  • CRM management

  • Search engine optimisation

Sales Support

Lead generation, telemarketing, lead qualification, business appointment setting, proposal generation, and sales pipeline management.

Travel and Event Planning 

Business travel planning, event planning that includes research, sourcing venues, suppliers and sending invitations.

Have very clear tasks and goals

It is important that you have very clear tasks and goals. Your virtual assistant must understand:

  • What you want them to do and what the overall goal is

  • When the task needs to be completed or how much time they should spend on the task each day

  • What processes should they use to complete the task

  • What results you expect in the short term and long term

Don’t forget that your virtual assistant is a highly experienced and skilled worker.  They might have some fantastic ideas on how to improve processes and enhance the productivity of your business. Ask them for their feedback and you will be surprised at the useful information you receive!

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