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Organisation is overwhelming for some and as Virtual Assistants, Nicola and I, get quite excited talking about it. This blog post discusses the benefits of getting organised and the positive impact this can have on our lives.

For Christmas, I received a beautiful, sassy, monogrammed black leather Filofax and upon exchange of the ‘early Christmas is cancelled’ gifts mid-December my sister in law said to me:

“It’s a pretty wasted gift now. You’ll see what I mean when you open it.”

To my absolute delight on Christmas Day it was just the thing I needed to spark some excitement and drive to get myself organised and prepared for 2021 after a very exhausting 2020 - social life or no social life. It has become my bible to help me stay on track with the goals I have set, the books I want to read, the appointments I need to make (reminder: eye test) and how I want to spend my days in lockdown. Darling, a gift like this is never wasted… certainly not on a Virtual Assistant at Evelyn & Ford.

Whether we like it or not, organisation is part of life. If you enjoy being organised and it comes naturally to you it saves a lot of pain, stress and upset. You’ll also understand the OTT excitement I had for this Filofax. But there are many out there who do not know where to begin when it comes to organising their lives. They want to learn but they don’t know where to begin. They’ve tried, tested, ‘failed’ and given up. Living life on the edge of pressure, the lack of control and constantly ‘winging’ it may give some a thrill but the inevitable burn out will unravel eventually. Being organised can lead to the following benefits:

  • Better life balance

  • Room for productivity and creativity

  • You will save money

  • Help you set and achieve goals

  • Learn to focus on the big picture

  • You’ll ‘stop sweating the small stuff’

  • Increased self-care

  • Healthier lifestyle: physically and mentally

  • Sense of achievement

  • Growth (Business & personal)

Getting organised can seem overwhelming even at the best of times but doing so, especially while managing life in lockdown, can help make things a little easier. A pandemic has certainly helped us all realise what it is that matters in life, how precious it is and how change can happen at any moment.

If you need assistance with organisation either in your business or personal life or both, Evelyn & Ford offer services specifically tailored to assist with organisational needs. The E&F Method is a great starting point to help cleanse the mess, head back to basics and lay the foundations for the next steps in whatever you would like to achieve. If you would like to know more, book a free consultation call today.


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