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Charlotte helped launch Evelyn & Ford in 2019 following a highly successful career as an Executive Assistant and freelance writer in London. Whilst balancing a demanding full time role in the corporate world, she has written freelance articles for the fashion and media industry. 


After reading Emma Gannon’s Multi-Hyphen Method back in 2018, Charlotte felt inspired to combine her talents and look ahead to the future world of outsourcing. She wanted to build a highly professional and personable Virtual Assistant business who’s ethos is to help people in all aspects of their lives. Who better to join her on this venture other than friend and ex-banking colleague, Nicola, who had queried the idea of becoming a VA for some time. 


Both founders bring different strengths to Evelyn & Ford. Charlotte wears the creative hat whilst Nicola’s flare lies within operations. This dynamic duo act as trusted confidants providing bespoke assistance, who pride themselves on organisation to the highest standard and go above and beyond in every job they do. 


Outside of Evelyn & Ford, Charlotte enjoys reading and writing. Her favourite pastime is floristry and she loves to hit the ski slopes at least once a year.


After 10 years working as an Executive Assistant in the heart of London, Nicola aspired to become a business owner. She wanted to utilise her skills and challenge herself like never before. Her experience and aspirations aligned with Charlotte, a trusted ex-colleague and friend; and so it was decided they would build their own Virtual Assistant business, Evelyn & Ford. Nicola is a driven individual who comes from a family of entrepreneurs and so wanting to run her own business was something instilled in her at a young age.  

Nicola spent six years working at an investment bank supporting a team of up to 30 traders (including Global Heads, Managing Directors and COO’s) on a highly pressurised trading floor, where she gained valuable organisation, efficiency and managerial experience. While Charlotte is busy with the creative aspect of the business, Nicola oversees operations and thoroughly enjoys client interaction and networking.

At 18 years old she graduated college and left home to embark on a journey to America where she worked at a New York Summer Camp. Arranging everything herself and travelling alone gave Nicola the confidence and can-do attitude that she has to this very day. 


In her spare time she enjoys photography and being outdoors. She loves travelling, hiking and visiting new places. Nicola also enjoys going to the theatre, attending festivals and rock concerts.


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