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A dynamic
and efficient team with a professional approach

Evelyn & Ford provide remote administrative support to businesses and individuals, throughout the UK and worldwide.

We are Virtual Executive Assistants with a wealth of experience and impressive careers that began on a trading floor at an Investment Bank.

How can we help you?

Are you tired of sending Zoom invitations? Are you missing appointments and double booking? Perhaps you feel on top of work, but are missing birthdays and social events? Could you benefit from lifestyle support with buying gifts or searching for flights for your upcoming trip?


We hear you, and we've got you!


Evelyn & Ford provide executive assistance for businesses and individuals in need of administrative support with both their professional and personal lives, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Why choose Evelyn & Ford?

Our clients pay only for the support they need, and nothing more, and the variety of skills we can offer is outstandingly diverse. By delegating the time consuming tasks, you will be able to rediscover your true business focus, invest time and energy into business growth, and enjoy a better work/life balance. From diary management, to events and lifestyle support, every service provided is carried out seamlessly, and with the same commitment and exclusive service that delivers exceptional results every time.


We offer support to a range of clients in the health and wellbeing sector, executive coaching, financial services, events and creative industries. We love being able to work with such a dynamic group of clients, each with different needs, and no two days are the same.


If you are a business in need of administrative support, or an individual who seeks lifestyle support, find out more about our services here:

To see what our current clients think of us and the support we provide, read our testimonials here:


Bringing your lightbulb moments to life

A few reasons why we could be the right virtual executive assistants for you

We're operations experts

Operations and processes are what makes us tick. We love to learn new systems and assess processes from beginning to end, helping our clients streamline and automate stressful and time consuming processes, so they can focus on the bigger picture.

We have professional backgrounds

We have supported Global Heads, Managing Directors, COO's and large teams of up to 30 traders at once, on a highly pressurised and demanding trading floor. This has given us valuable, real-world organisation, efficiency and managerial experience.

We're passionate problem solvers

We are proactive and passionate problem solvers. We asses potential problematic situations before they arise, and do our best to prepare and have solutions at the ready, helping our clients get through tricky and unprecedented challenges.

We love to network

Client interaction and networking is a crucial aspect of our work. Since the inception of Evelyn & Ford, our network has grown extensively, we're in awe of the people who have supported us along the way, the learning never stops!

Balance is very important to us

The wellbeing of our clients and the team at Evelyn & Ford is a pivotal focus. We can't look after our clients effectively, if we don't look after ourselves. We are proud advocates of self-care, and a healthy work/life balance.

Our clients love
what we do

Helping our clients manage and grow their business is what makes this worthwhile to us. The work we do leaves us fulfilled at the end of every single day. Find out some of the lovely things our clients have had to say here...

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